Socioeconomic disparities

Key finding

In most countries, socioeconomic disparities limit the impact of cancer prevention measures. This means that in low-income communities, in ethnic and racial minorities and in Indigenous populations, cancer mortality rates are often higher, and survival rates lower.

World Cancer Report bookmarks

Chapter 4.1. Inequalities between and within countries: Impact on cancer prevention; Chapter 4.2. Socioeconomic factors and cancer prevention in Africa: Cervical cancer as an example; Chapter 4.3. Cancer in urban and rural communities in China: Patterns reflect social dynamics; Chapter 4.4. Socioeconomic factors and cancer prevention in India: Diverse interventions are needed; Chapter 4.5. Variations in implementation of cancer screening in European countries: Striving for best practice; Chapter 4.6. Disparities in cancer prevention services in the USA: A long-standing, persistent cause of inequity; Chapter 4.7. Cancer in indigenous populations: Focusing on inequalities that are sometimes invisible


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