Socioeconomic Disparities and Cancer

Do socioeconomic disparities limit the impact of proven preventive interventions in most countries?

Within countries, cancer mortality is often higher, and cancer survival lower, in groups with low socioeconomic status and other disadvantaged groups, for cancer overall and for most cancer types.

Even in high-income countries, socioeconomic disparities limit the impact of proven preventive interventions.

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Social Inequalities and Cancer – Webinar Recording

People who have lower socioeconomic status or are part of marginalized groups tend to have a higher incidence of certain types of cancers and higher mortality from most cancer types compared with people who have higher socioeconomic status. This webinar provides an overview of how the phenomenon of inequalities in cancer is shaped, and of how socioeconomic inequalities affect all countries worldwide and all citizens within each country. The experts also touch on strategies to tackle inequality in cancer.


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