Cancer Screening

Have the benefits of cancer screening in reducing mortality from breast cancer, colorectal cancer, and cervical cancer been established?

The overall benefits of cancer screening in reducing mortality from breast cancer, colorectal cancer, and cervical cancer are established, despite the problem of overdiagnosis, which is recognized and is subject to research. World Cancer Report encourages research on the development and implementation of evidence-based screening procedures.

For screening procedures that are established, one goal is to reduce cost and enable implementation with minimal technology, so that implementation in low- and middle-income countries is practicable. 

For screening procedures that are being developed, such as those for lung cancer, research is needed to validate the efficacy (i.e. reduced mortality) and to demonstrate the specificity and sensitivity.

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Cancer Research for Cancer Prevention – Teaching Toolkit

This freely accessible online teaching toolkit is designed to support anyone involved in transmitting knowledge and skills on cancer research for cancer prevention. It includes modifiable Power Point slides, suggested quizzes and exercises, links to relevant data visualization tools, and useful references. The first module of the toolkit, “Rationale and Scope of Cancer Research for Cancer Prevention”, is now available.


COVID-19 and Cancer Screening – Self-paced module

Based on content from the World Cancer Report Updates webinar on COVID-19 and Cancer Screening, this flexible e-learning module includes lectures, questions and answers, and a quiz to test your knowledge on the latest evidence and emerging issues discussed during the webinar.

Keywords: crisis response, HPV testing, self-sampling, combined screening and vaccination, last-mile strategy, screen-and-treat.

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Improving the Quality of Cancer Screening

Self-paced online learning programme including interactive modules and quizzes on "Principles of Cancer Screening", Planning and Implementing a Cancer Screening Programme", and "Quality of Cancer Screening Programmes". Complete the full 6-hour programme and get an IARC Learning certificate!

The European Code Against Cancer. Recommendation No. 12. Screening

Self-paced 15-minute interactive module on ECAC's 12th recommendation: "Take part in organized screening programmes for: bowel cancer for men and women, breast cancer and cervical cancer for women".

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