HPV Vaccination

Could cervical cancer be eliminated by vaccination against human papillomavirus (HPV) infection, even in low-income countries, where it is the major cancer type?

HPV vaccines, which have been available since 2006, are a proven, safe, and effective means of reducing cervical cancer rates. 

Future challenges are to extend coverage and achieve universal implementation.

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Cancer Research for Cancer Prevention – Teaching Toolkit

This freely accessible online teaching toolkit is designed to support anyone involved in transmitting knowledge and skills on cancer research for cancer prevention. It includes modifiable Power Point slides, suggested quizzes and exercises, links to relevant data visualization tools, and useful references. The first module of the toolkit, “Rationale and Scope of Cancer Research for Cancer Prevention”, is now available.


HPV Vaccination – Self-paced module

Based on content from the World Cancer Report Updates webinar on HPV Vaccination, this flexible e-learning module includes lectures, questions and answers, and a quiz to test your knowledge on the latest evidence and emerging issues discussed during the webinar.

Keywords: vaccine effectiveness, cervical cancer rates, herd immunity, multi-cohort, vaccination global coverage, cervical cancer elimination.

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