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Introduction to Research on Pollution and Cancer


2 interactive and immersive e-learning sequences

Key references

A final quiz to test your new knowledge

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What is the current status of research on pollution and cancer?

What proportion of cancers are due to environmental pollutants, according to the scientific evidence currently available?

What are the gaps and opportunities for future research?

Dive into this interactive e-learning module to find out!

About the module

This module provides an overview of the status of research on pollution and cancer.


  • Health and environment professionals;
  • Researchers from other areas interested in learning about pollution and cancer;
  • Technical advisers;
  • Policy-makers.


After completing this module, you will be able to:

  • Review the rationale for research on pollution and cancer.
  • Describe the established contributors to the environmental cancer burden, as compared with myths or misconceptions.
  • Identify populations that may be more vulnerable to exposure to carcinogenic agents in the environment.
  • Discuss why most of the evidence so far on pollution and cancer comes from occupational settings.
  • Briefly describe current approaches for measuring exposure to pollution.
  • Discuss the strengths and limitations of current approaches for assessing the risk of cancer related to exposure to pollution.
  • Outline the next steps in terms of research.

A module designed and developed by

Learning Programme Coordinator and Subject-Matter Expert

Dr Joachim Schuz

Head, Environment and Lifestyle Epidemiology Branch, IARC

Project Manager and Instructional Designer

Ms Dominique Meunier

Learning and Capacity-Building Branch, IARC

Subject-Matter Expert

Professor Hans Kromhout

Institute for Risk Assessment Sciences,
Utrecht University

Artistic Director, Graphic and Media Designer

Ms Amélie Labaume

Learning and Capacity-Building Branch, IARC


To access the module:

1- Register/login to the learning platform.

2- Click on the “Enrol” button to activate the module. The page will refresh and you will be able to access the content.

Interactive module: Introduction to Research on Pollution and Cancer

Test your knowledge on research on pollution and cancer


Obtain a minimum score of 80% on the quiz to be able to download your Certificate of Completion.

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