About the project


Cancer research for cancer prevention rests on knowledge about the extent of the cancer burden for the world′s population as a whole, and then about the incidence of cancer in different regions and countries. Integrating all such research for optimal and concise presentation is the primary aim of the World Cancer Report Updates Learning Platform.


The World Cancer Report Updates Learning Platform has been developed with the support of and in collaboration with the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO).

EVENTS and learning resources

What resources are available?

Learning resources consist of webinars and interactive, engaging e-learning modules that serve as a living extension of World Cancer Report, using it as both a source and an inspiration.

Webinar series

Online talks from experts in a wide range of disciplines, showcasing evidence from all fields of cancer research.

The webinar series aims to provide new perspectives on the World Cancer Report highlights, or to present new research from a particular region of the world or a specific discipline.

Who can join this Learning Platform?

This Learning Platform is open to all and available for free. It is designed for policy-makers, researchers, students, health professionals, and anyone interested in cancer prevention.

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