This platform aims to compile a variety of learning resources (manuals, guidelines, e-learning courses, etc.) produced by IARC research groups in the area of cancer prevention and early detection. For more information, contact us.

MANUAL: Atlas of breast cancer early detection

A step-by-step guide to the procedure of CBE and its interpretation, diagnostic mammography, diagnostic breast ultrasound, image-guided fine-needle aspiration cytology (FNAC), and core biopsy of the breast. Includes nearly 1000 annotated images and videos and 186 case studies. 

SELF-PACED MODULE: Polygenic Scores for Cancer Prevention

Based on content from the World Cancer Report Updates webinar on Polygenic Scores for Cancer Prevention, this flexible e-learning module includes lectures, questions and answers, and a quiz to test your knowledge on the latest evidence and emerging issues discussed during the webinar.<br /…

TEACHING TOOLKIT: Cancer Research for Cancer Prevention

This freely accessible online teaching toolkit is designed to support anyone involved in transmitting knowledge and skills on cancer research for cancer prevention. It includes modifiable Power Point slides, suggested quizzes and exercises, links to relevant data visualization tools, and useful r…

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