TUTORIAL AND DEMO: A Training Course in Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure (LEEP) – Practical

For doctors, gynaecologists and colposcopists

Edited by R.S. Wesley. 

Dr R. Rema, Dr S. Suchetha Gynae-oncologists in Regional Cancer Centre (RCC), Trivandrum, India and Dr P. O. Esmy, Chief Radiation Oncologist, CFCHRC, Ambilikkai, India present a practical training course in Loop Electrosurgical Excision (LEEP) to treat cervical precancers. This 38-minute movie deals with: LEEP equipment, LEEP instruments.

  • Case 1: Pap smear=Atypical cells, colposcopy diagnosis=CIN 2, colpo directed=CIN 1-2, so LEEP excision,
  • Case 2: Pap smear=CIN 1, colposcopy diagnosis=CIN 1-2, colpo directed biopsy=CIN 1-2, so LEEP excision,
  • Case 3: Colposcopically=high-grade lesion, Multiple pass procedure,
  • Case 4: Pap smear=CIN 2, colposcopy diagnosis=high-grade lesion extending to the endocervical canal, so double excision and ectocervical excision followed by endocervical excision,
  • Case 5: Pap smear=CIN 1, colposcopy diagnosis=CIN 1-2 lesion, colposcopy directed biopsy=CIN 1 with koïlocytic atypia, so LEEP excision,
  • Case 6: Colposcopically CIN 2 lesion, colposcopy directed biopsy=CIN 1-2 lesion, so LEEP excision, introduction of the digital colposcope.

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