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Cancer Prevention and Early Detection


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SELF-PACED PROGRAMME: Introduction to Cancer Prevention and Early Detection  

Cancer Prevention Europe

Featuring two sets of self-learning modules on the European Code Against Cancer 4th edition, and on the latest evidence, myths, and controversies on cancer prevention.

SELF-PACED PROGRAMME: Improving the Quality of Cancer Screening

3 modules: Principles, Planning and Implementation, and Quality of Screening Programmes
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For programme managers, health-care providers, and other professionals involved in cancer prevention, detection, and management.

Visual inspection, colposcopy, cytology, pathology, cryotherapy, large loop excision of transformation zone (LLETZ), thermal ablation.

Breast self-examination, clinical breast examination, breast imaging.

Visual examination of the oral cavity, diagnostic tests.


This platform aims to compile a variety of learning resources (manuals, guidelines, e-learning courses, etc.) produced by IARC research groups in the area of cancer prevention and early detection. For more information, contact us.

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