NETWORK: H3ABioNet Training and Resources

Image credit: Creative Commons CC0

H3ABioNet is a Pan African Bioinformatics network comprising 28 Nodes distributed amongst 17 countries, 16 of which are African. H3ABioNet was developed to support H3Africa research projects through the development of bioinformatics capacity on the continent.

The H3ABioNet Training and Education approach includes face-to-face workshops, online sessions, hackathons and jamborees, train the trainer workshops as well as online resources available online.

The H3ABioNet website also includes links to different tools and services (bioinformatics tools and workflows, technical guidelines for system administrators, computing infrastructure).

Finally, the H3ABioNet Helpdesk provides access to experts from a variety of domains to help answer any bioinformatics related questions and provide support to various H3Africa and non H3Africa projects that might be struggling with the analysis and planning of their experiments. The H3ABioNet helpdesk system accepts requests from the H3ABioNet web portal registered and non-registered users and can be accessed from here.

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