The eB3Kit

In a nutshell

The eB3Kit was developed and tested in the framework of the B3Africa project (July 2015–September 2018). It consists of an informatics platform and a cooperation framework. 

The eB3Kit covers the whole research cycle. For example, it includes applications for mobile data collection in the field, a selection of laboratory information management system (LIMS) software, an application to store and manage documents, a simplified interface to easily find and run bioinformatics workflows, an ethical and legal framework for the sharing of biobank and research data, and a training component.

These applications are open-source and free and are linked together.

Learning resources related to the eB3Kit itself are compiled on this page. For resources addressing knowledge and skills that are specific to an application or tool, please consult the respective section (i.e. Sample and Data Collection, etc.) or type the topic into the search box.

This portal also includes learning resources addressing knowledge and skills that are not directly linked to the eB3Kit but are considered to be essential for effective use of the platform and tools (prerequisites).

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